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Published on April 5th, 2018 | by Chris Neill

Super Saiyan Singer: Stephanie Nadolny

Voice-actress Stephanie Nadolny is back for another AWSM interview! This time, we’re talking the EPIC new cartoon series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes and Steph’s rad music!

MANIA: What was it like working on OK KO?
STEPH: “It was so much fun. It was great to take this twist on Goku. KO is like a spoof of Goku, so I slide right into that voice! It’s so quirky, funny and over the top!”

M: KO’s creator Ian Jones-Quartey clearly loves Dragon Ball. How does it feel to be a big part of so many people’s childhoods?
S: “I wasn’t really aware of that at the time! They tracked me down to voice the character and I felt so honoured.”

M: If you were a character in OK KO, what would your power be?
S: “Flying would be cool! You could escape from danger quickly and rescue people!”

M: How did you get into music?
S: “I was very very young. My mother and father were big music lovers, and they had this giant stereo. One of my earliest memories is my dad plugging a microphone in the stereo and giving it to me, and I’ve never let go! From then on, I knew I was going to be a singer!”

M: Who are your biggest musical influences?
S: “Donna Summer and Neil Diamond! ABBA, the Bee Gees; I was a huge fan of disco music. I loved listening to records and trying to sing-along. I’d record myself on a tape recorder and play it back to myself.”

M: You also your fair share of cover songs: is there a particular song you love performing?
S: “I’m in a band called MoonGlass at the moment. We’re a quartet that covers songs from the 1950s to the 90s! Chubby Checker, Linda Ronstadt, Elvis, a lot of Motown. There’s so many, we could definitely go on and on.”

M: Is there are a particular song that really gets the crowd going?
S: “We play a lot of Eagles and CCR. “

M: If you could pick a song to be Goku’s theme song, what would it be?
S: “It’s gotta be something carefree, fun and innocent. I’m automatically thinking the Dragon Ball theme song, but that’s probably not an original answer! I actually recorded a version where I sung the theme song!”

Catch Stephanie at Melbourne Supanova (April 20th–22nd) and Gold Coast Supanova (April 27th–29th)!

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