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The Rhodes Warrior: Cody Rhodes!

We step into the ring and talk New Japan, Bullet Club, and The Legend of Zelda with wrestling superstar Cody Rhodes!

MANIA: What makes New Japan Pro-Wrestling unique from other wrestling franchises?
CODY: “New Japan is an little bit more salt than it is sugar. It’s a little bit more sport than entertainment. If you love WWE you can watch New Japan and see a whole different style. It’s created a really wonderful variety.”

MANIA: From your perspective, how does Japanese wrestling differ from American wrestling?
CODY: “I just grab my instrument – which is me – and play my music how I’d play it anywhere. My ears are always wide open because every audience is different. What they like and don’t like changes. I think it’s a good sign of a good talent to be able to listen and give the audience what they want. I have no idea what to expect in Australia and I’m excited to hear how the audience reacts!”

MANIA: Is there anyone on the New Japan roster you’re itching to wrestle, or looking to rematch?
CODY: “I’d definitely like to compete with Kazuchika Okada one more time, down the road. When I joined the Bullet Club and knew we going to be teammates, I think it’s like a John Lennon-Paul McCartney thing when it comes to Kenny Omega. We’re coming up to Supercard in New Orleans, and I think we’re going to find out. I’m very much looking forward to that.”

MANIA: What does it take to be a Bullet Club member?
CODY: “It’s something you can’t pinpoint. Some people just are Bullet Club, and some people just aren’t! I don’t know how else to put it!”

MANIA: What makes a good tag team?
CODY: “Have you ever seen the movie Pacific Rim? It’s like that. You’ve got to have this symbiotic connection between parties. There’s got to be a balance of egos. You have to know what the other is thinking and cut your own ego in half.”

MANIA: Biggest career highlight?
CODY: “Winning the Ring of Honor championship last year. That battle for it. It was kind of the end chapter of the first half of my career. That moment really gave me more confidence than anything.”

MANIA: Do you have an all-time favourite wrestler?
CODY: “I take my dad out of the equation, because he was my all-time favourite. Of the wrestlers of my generation, Shawn Michaels was my favourite and remains my favourite. He could be the biggest jerk and he’d still be my favourite

MANIA: What do you like to do outside of wrestling?
CODY: “I have a big Siberian husky that I adore. I’m a big dog person! I also love skiing.”

MANIA: Do you have any secret skills, like you can juggle or burp the alphabet backwards?
CODY: “I’m an extremely good arm-wrestler. But I’m only good if people are watching. I’m pretty pathetic when they’re not!”

MANIA: You’re a big Legend of Zelda fan, so what did you think of Breath of the Wild?
CODY: “I think gameplay wise it is the best Legend of Zelda. In terms of story, it’s still not Ocarina of Time. But the gameplay! I loved it. It filled a lot of long flights for me. I’m playing The Champions’ Ballad DLC at the moment. It’s an excellent game.”

MANIA: You’re a big comicbook fan and appeared in a couple episodes of Arrow – if you could play any comic superhero or supervillain, who would it be?
CODY: “I reckon I could do a good Prince Namor or Booster Gold.”

MANIA: If you were an X-Man, what would your mutant power be?
CODY: “A long time ago I actually made up my own X-Men character! He was their lawyer and he had the power of verbal manipulation. He could convince people of anything just by talking to them. So that’s how the X-Men get out of trouble from blowing up city blocks and stuff. His name was Gavel.”

Don’t miss Cody at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Fallout Down Under Tour!

Friday 16 February – Titanium Arena, Findon, SA
Saturday 17 February – Festival Hall, West Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 18 February – Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
Monday 19 February – HBF Stadium, Mount Claremont, WA

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