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In the November issue of MANIA, check out our huge Super Mario Odyssey play guide, find out who Ferdinand is and get the lowdown on Sonic's new game, Sonic Forces. As always the mag is stacked with prizes. Enter for the chance to win Sphero Star Wars droids and Ben Thomas Complete Signature scooters.

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We’re talking Thor, barbarians, and superheroes named Nachos (wait, what?) with voice-actor Travis Willingham (Avengers Assemble, Sonic Boom, One Piece)!

MANIA: How did you get into voice acting?
TRAVIS: “During high-school I realised I was more interested in fine arts like musicals, plays or classical theatre. I shifted from sports and started appearing in musicals and plays. I went to college and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I moved to Los Angeles and auditioned for some voice over roles. As a kid I never realised that the characters on my favourite cartoons were voiced by people like me!”

MANIA: Do you have a favourite role?
TRAVIS: “That’s hard. I’ve read comic-books my entire life so playing Thor was huge. I’ve played the Sonic The Hedgehog games since I was a teenager, so getting to play Knuckles was great.”

MANIA: What’s the best thing about playing Thor?
TRAVIS: “Only in superhero shows or games will you have the chance to say you actually have a superpower. That’s so fun to me.”

MANIA: You’ve also voiced Hulk in the Superhero Squad and it looks like both characters will be throwing down in Thor: Ragnarok. Which one are you cheering for?
TRAVIS: “I think I’m rooting for Hulk. Thor has his work cut out for him.”

MANIA: If you were an Avenger, what would your superhero name be and what would your power be?
TRAVIS: “Invulnerability. I’d jump off a building, land, give everyone a really good scare and then jump up and go “Wassup! My superhero name would be Nachos, because who doesn’t like nachos???”

MANIA: How does videogame voices differ from anime and cartoons?
TRAVIS: “With anime, we’re dubbing animation that’s already there so we have to work around what’s already there. With cartoons and videogames the animators can work around our voices.”

MANIA: You’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan – Why do you think D&D has remained so popular and what about it makes it so great?
TRAVIS: “You get to watch a group of friends who know each other and the game really well, while pushing or imaginations to the limit. What’s great about D&D is that we can bring our voice-acting backgrounds. We make up crazy voices and bizarre accents, so we’re laughing non-stop.

MANIA: Why did you pick a goliath barbarian for Grog?
TRAVIS: “I’d never play D&D before and was very intimated by it. I just wanted to be large and hit things really hard with a really big axe.”

MANIA: You play a lot of headstrong, tough guy characters – Thor, Hulk, Grog – why is that?
TRAVIS: “I love characters that really follow their impulses. I’m a pretty impulsive person. Those are always really fun because their enthusiasm leads to some dire circumstances.”

MANIA: Is there a character you haven’t voiced even or a franchise you haven’t been a part of that you’d like to be part of? A dream role, maybe?
TRAVIS: “I’ve had the chance to play Superman once. He’s always been my favourite superhero growing up. He’s a great role model and something I aspire to be like. I’d love a chance to play him again.

MANIA: A lot of people geek out over you – what is something you geek out over?
TRAVIS: “I love American football – especially my home team, the Dallas Cowboys. I also like really cute things!”

Catch Travis Willingham at Brisbane Supanova (November 10-12) and Adelaide Supanova (November 17-19)!

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Before she hits Supanova, we talked Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons and Dragons, and superpowers with voice actress Laura Bailey (Dragon Ball Z, Avengers Assemble, Skylanders, World of Warcraft)! Check it out, YAKs!

MANIA: How did you get into voice acting?
LAURA: “I started right out of high school. I was doing some local theatre in Dallas, Texas, and one of the people in the play with me was doing voices for Dragon Ball Z. They asked me to go in and audition for the role of Kid Trunks. It all took off from there!”

MANIA: Do you have a favourite role?
LAURA: “That’s so hard! I was pretty excited when I was cast of Black Widow in Avengers Assemble. I’m a huge Marvel fan. My husband, Travis Willingham, was cast as Thor so it was a real fun project to be a part of.”

MANIA: What’s the best thing about playing a superhero?
LAURA: “That you feel like you can accomplish anything. It makes me realise that things are doable and I feel stronger.”

MANIA: Do you prefer playing the good guy or the bad guy?
LAURA: “I usually like playing the villain because their lines are so delicious, but villains don’t tend to stick around for as long as the heroes do!”

MANIA: If you had superpowers what would they be, and would you be a hero or a villain?
LAURA: “I’d definitely be a hero. The best answer would be Superman’s powers, because he has everything. At the very least I’d like to be able to fly.”

MANIA: If you could hang out with any of the characters you’ve voiced, who would it be?
LAURA: Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.”

MANIA: How does recording voices for a videogame differ from anime and cartoons?
LAURA: “The biggest difference these days is that a lot of the videogame work I do involves motion capture. In those projects I get to put on a motion capture suit and film the scenes and gameplay. I really get to embody the character. With cartoon and anime, you don’t get to do that. The benefit of animation is that you record with a group, so you get to play off so many brilliant and zany voice actors. You’re always in a room full of funny improv people!”

MANIA: You’re a big tabletop RPG fan – what’s do you think of the recent resurgence of Dungeons and Dragons’ popularity?
LAURA: “I love it! It’s the coolest thing! I’m so happy that nerdy things that people were embarrassed about in the past are no longer seen as embarrassing! Role-playing games really allow people to embrace that imagination we used to have as kids. It unlocks so many different aspects of your self.”

MANIA: Is there a character you haven’t voiced even or a franchise you haven’t been a part of that you’d like to be part of? A dream role, maybe?
LAURA: “I love role-playing games in general. It’d be cool to be a voice in some of my favourite game series, but I also wouldn’t want to know the story because I’d be spoiled before I got a chance to play them!”

MANIA: Do you have a secret talent not a lot of people know about – like you can like your elbow or burp the alphabet backwards?
LAURA: “I can pop my pinky out of its socket. I can twist my tongue so it looks like a flower. I can hum and sing at the same time. I can sing with my mouth closed! I had a lot of free time when I was a kid.”

MANIA: What are your favourite hobbies?
LAURA: I love reading fantasy novels and I love arts and crafts.”

Catch Laura Bailey at Brisbane Supanova (November 10-12) and Adelaide Supanova (November 17-19)!

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