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In the October issue of MANIA we suit up for The LEGO Ninjago Movie, get the lowdown on Captain Underpants and play test Knack 2 the video game. There are freaky pranks and food to gawk at and the greatest skateboarding legends of all time. Enter our competitions to win stacks of prizes including a Razor PowerCore electric scooter!

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The hilarious Drop Dead Weird follows the Champ family who have recently moved from Australia to the isolated seaside village, Tubbershandy, in Western Ireland. If you think adjusting to a new surrounding is hard, try doing it when your parents have been turned into zombies! Wait, what?!

We spoke with Jack Riley, who plays the YouTube obsessed Bruce Champ (who’s AWSM Youtube account you can find here!), to find just how drop dead weird he is!

Bruce Drop Dead Weird

MANIA: You play Bruce – could you tell us a bit about his character?
JACK: Bruce is the middle child of the Champ kids, and the entrepreneur of the family. He pretty much has an iPhone glued to his hand, and never lets an opportunity to film the Tubbershandy antics for his YouTube channel go past!

MANIA: Describe Bruce in three words:
JACK: Energetic, charismatic and persistent!

MANIA: Bruce wants to become Youtube famous. If you could become Youtube famous, what would it be for?
JACK: Probably playing video games, or daily vlog channel.

MANIA: Do you have any favourite Youtubers?
JACK: I like Buzzfeed videos and Dude Perfect

MANIA: What would you do if you discovered your parents are zombies?
JACK: Freakout! But I would also enjoy all my new-found freedom and responsibility. In all honesty, I would probably run to my neighbour’s house.

MANIA: What’s the weirdest/most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done?
JACK: My mum likes to yell ‘I love you’ out of the window when I’m with friends. And my Dad’s dancing is pretty embarrassing.

MANIA: If you could be turned into any kind of spooky monster – vampire, werewolf, zombie, etc. – what would it be, and why?
JACK: A vampire, because I could fly, live forever – and stay out all night!

MANIA: If you had to design the ultimate haunted mansion party, what would it include?
JACK: A swimming pool full of red jelly, actors jumping out of cupboards to scare guests and gory finger food.

MANIA: Do you have a favourite candy/chocolate/etc. that’s a must have if you go trick or treating?
JACK: I’m a bit of a Picnic fan, so I’m always trying to spot them in the trick or treat stash.

MANIA: Do you have any secret skills, like you can burp the alphabet backwards?
JACK: I don’t keep secrets very well, but I think I’m pretty good at longboarding.

MANIA: Do you have any hobbies?
JACK: Skateboarding, rugby, surfing and acting.

Catch Jack as Bruce Champ in Drop Dead Weird – weekday mornings @ 7:30AM on 7TWO!

Drop Dead Weird

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