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Latest Issue

In the October issue of MANIA we suit up for The LEGO Ninjago Movie, get the lowdown on Captain Underpants and play test Knack 2 the video game. There are freaky pranks and food to gawk at and the greatest skateboarding legends of all time. Enter our competitions to win stacks of prizes including a Razor PowerCore electric scooter!

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YouTube Direkt

Feeling overly happy, lucky, angry or sad? There may well me a Yo-kai lurking near you! Yo-Kai Watch 2 is out now MANIACs!

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Anyone hanging out for the Shovel Knight Amiibo? It’s definitely going to be one of our favourite Amiibos when it releases December 10.

Here’s a sneak peek of it. We hope you dig it (with your shovels, maybe? Haha LOL!)

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YouTube Direkt

Check out the new LEGO Dimensions trailer MANIACs!


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New Activity Book Out Now!

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It’s packed with…

  • Posters: Mario, Sonic, SpongeBob, Skylanders and more
  • Entertainment guides: all the coolest TV, movies, games and tunes
  • Puzzles: crosswords, word finds, true or false quizzes, mazes and match-ups
  • DIY: Batman your life
  • A pull-out board game
  • Plus: riddles, brain teasers, pranks and magic!

Get a copy at your local news agency or online at!

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Wanna score yourself a copy of 50 Classic Games on Nintendo 3DS?

We’ve got five to give away! To win follow these simple steps…

1. Grab MANIA Issue #140 (July 2012) and think up a cool caption for the pic on page 83.

2. Answer our secret question: What Mario DIY is featured on page 27 of the mag?

3. Send your caption and secret question answer to:

Locked Bag 5555
St Leonards NSW 1590

– This comp closes July 30, 2012 –

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Win A Skylanders Stash!

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Skylanders is taking the gaming world by storm ! To celebrate the release of the newest wave of Skylanders goodies, we’ve got an AWSM treat for you YAKS!

One major winner will score a super Skylanders prize pack with:

  • A starter pack
  • Three Wave 5 characters
  • Wave 4 adventure pack

One lucky runner up will win:

  • Three Wave 5 characters

To enter, tell us which page Slam Bam appears on in the May issue of MANIA (#137)! Write down your answer, name, age, address and phone number and send it to:

Skylanders Blog Comp
Locked Bag 5555
St Leonards NSW 1590

– This comp closes May 23, 2012 –

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We are loving LEGO games here at MANIA HQ! In Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth, an exciting game of battle and strategy has begun! Darth Vader has discovered Luke Skywalker’s secret base on the remote ice planet of Hoth, and Imperial ground forces are ready to attack. But the best part is you get to build your own game, with interchangeable rules. A whole new load of fun every time you play!

To celebrate the release of the LEGO Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth game, we’ve got six to give away!

To enter, tell us what LEGO product is featured in Totally Cool (page 13) in our MANIA May issue (#137). Send your answer, name, age, address and phone number to:

LEGO Blog Comp
Locked Bag 5555
St Leonards NSW 1590

– This comp closes May 23, 2012 –

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Space Secrets!

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We had a chat with Anthony Tambrin, who’s part of the Little Space Heroes crew! He shared some cool tips and behind the scenes snippets with us!

MANIA: What’s your job at Little Space Heroes?
Anthony: My job is to build the virtual universe where players interact.

MANIA: Which character from Little Space Heroes are you most like?
Anthony: The others say I sound like Shadowbot when I laugh. But I actually think I’m like Gizmo, the friendly robot. Gizmo always acts and says things in a weird way, but everybody comes to him for help.

MANIA: Do you guys get into character and walk around in space suits while you’re working on Little Space Heroes?
Anthony: We sometimes do impersonations of characters when discussing the storyline and gameplay. Some people in the team love to bake and we get to eat cookies and cakes shaped as Glow and aliens. Yum!

MANIA: What do you think is the coolest part of the game?
Anthony: Pet Kritterz. You can feed them and take them around the world. Here’s a little secret, if you have more than one pet, they’ll play tag amongst themselves when you’re inside the house.

MANIA: Can you tell us another secret?
Anthony: Go to Professor Q’s Lab in the Space Heroes Academy – you can’t miss it! Stand on the blue pad and shoot your blaster at the lever. Just see what happens!

MANIA: What’s next for Little Space Heroes?
Anthony: We’re focusing on multiplayer games. We’ve already launched the Springbot Smashball a couple of weeks ago, so we’ll keep adding games like this so kids can play games together. Meet me in Little Space Heroes! My Hero’s name is Chubby!

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Weekend Boredom Busters

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Bored? Never fear, YAKS! We’ve found five AWSM websites that’ll have you entertained all weekend long.

#1 Moshi Monsters –

#2 Poptropica –

#3 Miniclip –

#4 ABC3 –

#5 Mr Picasso Head –

Got any other suggestions? Leave a comment and let your fellow MANIACS know what to check out!

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