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Latest Issue

In the November issue of MANIA, check out our huge Super Mario Odyssey play guide, find out who Ferdinand is and get the lowdown on Sonic's new game, Sonic Forces. As always the mag is stacked with prizes. Enter for the chance to win Sphero Star Wars droids and Ben Thomas Complete Signature scooters.


On The Map!

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Quinn is back in the newest volume of A.L. Tait’s AWSM book series, The Mapmaker Chronicles: Beyond the Edge of the Map!

Now that the race to map the world is over, Quinn is living a quiet life on the family farm – until he discovers that the King’s enemies want to capture him. He’s is forced to go on the run, and take to to the high seas once more. Can he survive when he is double-crossed and left for dead?

Join Quinn on a fantastic new journey, filled with old faces, new faces and some totally unexpected faces!

The Mapmaker Chronicles: Beyond the Edge of the Map is out now wherever AWSM books are sold!

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Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants!

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Don’t you just hate it when a six-toed cat steals your pants?

In the sixth book of Stephan Pastis’s hilarious Timmy Failure series, Timmy is in Key West, Florida, for the honeymoon of his mother and Doorman Dave. Unfortunately for Timmy, crime doesn’t take a vacation. And because Total the Polar Bear has fled to Cuba seeking political asylum, Timmy must rely on a new partner for help: Doorman Dave’s nephew Emilio.

Can Timmy and Emilio solve the mystery — and possibly save his life?!

Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants is out now!



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When the sister of poor orphaned farm boys, Neleik and Ervine Fyrelit, is kidnapped they set off on a journey that will reveal the heroes inside of them.

As they explore the land looking for their sister they uncover a mystery that will span four AWSM fantasy novels!

Zarkora: The Fyrelit Tragedy by Nicholas and Alison Lochel is the first book in a series of four and available from book stores now!



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Theodore Boone is on the hunt for history’s most wanted criminal in his home town. No biggie, right? Well maybe if you’re a superhero… He’s not. Or if you’re an FBI agent… He’s not. Well maybe if you’re an adult… he’s a teenager.

All Theodore has to help him track the fugitive and survive the action and suspense are his wits, justice and a little bit of luck!

Want to know if Theo gets his man? Grab Theodore Boone: The Fugitive by John Grisham today!


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Have you been looking for a WIKKD new book to get stuck into YAKs? Look no further!

This book is the first in a serious of action packed novels by Nick Falk and illustrated by Tony Flowers. Super serious samurai are at war with the ever-scheming ninjas. When the ninjas cheat in a competition to prove which side is the best, the samurai are furious!

This cracking read is for fans of adventure, action and a few LOLs as well! Grab Samurai vs Ninja 1: The Battle For The Golden Egg from your fave book store!


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Grab the April issue of MANIA out now, to find out how you can win $1000 cash and a signed set of the My Life Books by amazing Author Tristan Bancks!

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The Brotherband Chronicles return in a fourth book of AWSM swashbuckling adventure and a great story which features a returning fave villain and even a Rangers Apprentice guest star! Can Hal and his buds topple pirates, the Shark Brotherband and betrayal to save the slaves?

Prove that you are a true Skandian warrior and win a a custom Skandian helmet! head to for all the details on how to win!


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Have you ever stared out of the window at school and thought, “Man, my life would be way more AWSM if I was a dragon? ” Us too! After you turn into a dragon there are a few things you will need to learn…

1. You don’t need to worry about the school bully anymore!

2. Your pets will look slightly more delicious. DON’T EAT YA DOG, DAWG!

3. You can eat your own homework now.

4. Your parents might try and put you in the zoo!

5. You can roast your own marshmallows, but open the packet before you change!

Remember these tips and have a blast being a dragon!

Billy Is A Dragon: First Bite and Billy Is A Dragon 2: Werewolves Beware! by Nick Falk are out now – check out the WIKKD book sample in the latest issue of MANIA!




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Do you you dare to dive into history? These AWSM historical fiction novels bring the Aussie action ‘atcha, YAKs! The first two books of the Do You Dare series are stacked up with thrilling adventure and cool characters that will have you wanting to dive into the past to meet them! Each book is from a different Aussie era and explores the dangers and trials that people used to deal with. Adventurous YAKs can check out our book review in the March issue of MANIA and then test their history expertise in a rad true or false quiz!


This adventure is set in a time when bushrangers and troopers engaged in firefights and there was danger on both sides of the law. Follow the main character Jem and his mates as you discover how tough you had to be to survive in a land of lawmen and outlaws!

Do You Dare? The Bushrangers 1841 and Do You Dare? Tough Times 1931 are out February 26!


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Are you the kind of YAK who loves attention? So is Ricky. He is the star of the side-splitting Don’t Look Now book series and he wants nothing more than for everyone to look his way, except for when he is flying of course. Ricky has the amazing ability to fly, for real, but it only works when no one is looking at him! How can Ricky prove his special ability and get the attention he deserves if it doesn’t work with an audience? This four book series, written by LOL-master Paul Jennings, is full of hilarious high flying action and out now!