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In the November issue of MANIA, check out our huge Super Mario Odyssey play guide, find out who Ferdinand is and get the lowdown on Sonic's new game, Sonic Forces. As always the mag is stacked with prizes. Enter for the chance to win Sphero Star Wars droids and Ben Thomas Complete Signature scooters.



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In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, four teenagers in detention are sucked into the dangerous world of Jumanji! With their new game avatars they need to work together to defeat the game’s challenges if they want to escape the deadly jungle! They’ll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, or they’ll be stuck in the game forever!


Jumanji: Welcome to Jungle is in theatres from Boxing Day!



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Don’t let looks deceive you! Ferdinand might seem like a big scary bull but he’s actually the sweetest animal you’ll ever meet! Trouble strikes when Ferdinand is mistaken for a dangerous beast, captured and sent away to a farm – a farm that trains bulls for bullfights! Uh-oh!!! Determined to return to his family, he rallies together the other farm animals for a daring escape!

Can Ferdinand escape the bullfighting arena and make it home? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!


Ferdinand is in theatres from December 14th!



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To celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming on DVD and Blu-Ray (It’s out now, webheads!) we were invited to check out some wikkid parkour stunts featuring everyone’s favourite wall-crawler!

After watching the team of Spideys in action, we were treated to a parkour training session where we learnt how to leap and dive like Spider-Man (FYI: our legs still hurt)! While warming up we had a chat with the Ninja Warrior twins and parkour masters Dylan and Brodie Pawson!

MANIA: What is parkour?
DYLAN: “Basically, it’s about trying to move through an urban environment, going from Point A to Point B as fast and efficient as possible.”

MANIA: Is scaling high things a big part of it?
BRODIE: “In the beginning of your training it’s not something you’d want to do.”
DYLAN: “It depends on how you train. Eventually at some point there are parts within parkour where you start going at heights.”
BRODIE: “To put it in perspective, when you first start out training you’d be doing everything at a low level height. You need to learn the techniques while doing them safely. After a few years you can progress and go higher when you’re more comfortable.”
DYLAN: “It’s about being comfortable. We’re never going out of our comfort zone. If there’s a jump we’re not sure of or it’s too big, we won’t do it. When we jump we’re always 110% sure that we’re going to make it.”


Does whatever a spider can!

MANIA: Do you have a signature move or favourite move you like doing?
BRODIE: “I really like doing a move called a ‘180.’ If you’ve got two-walls and you bounce back and forth between them. I like anything where you’re pushing off a wall.”

MANIA: What do you think it takes to be a Ninja Warrior competitor?
DYLAN: “That’s a tough one. You’ve got to be an all-rounder.”
BRODIE: “Rock-climbers do the best because they’re so strong. Having good balance and agility from parkour is pretty useful.”

MANIA: Do you have a favourite part of the course? What was the most challenging part?
DYLAN: “The Warped Wall at the end was the most fun because all we do is climb walls. The Quintuple Steps were fun. The Spinning Log was the hardest. We’re not used to something spinning.”
BRODIE: “We’re really used to everything being stable. When you do parkour you usually test everything in your environment to make sure it’s not going to move.”

MANIA: If you could hang out with Spider-Man for a day, what would you do?
DYLAN: “I’d watch his movements and see how he jumps.”
BRODIE: “I’d ask how far he could jump.”
DYLAN: “I’d want to know how strong he is.”

MANIA: If you had super-powers what would they be, and what would your superhero name be?
DYLAN: “Spider-Man is my favourite hero so I’d base my skills off of his. I’d call myself Peter Parkour.”
BRODIE: “The ability to take any impact. I’d be called Impact-Man!”

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out now on DVD and Blu-ray!

Chris works on his leaping skills during his parkour training.

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Been dying to rewatch Despicable Me 3 since you saw it in cinemas? Or maybe you missed out and have been waiting since? Either way, we’ve got an AWSM giveaway for you here!

Join Gru and his loyal Minions as they face off against Balthazar Blatt, a childhood star from the 80’s who is now on an epic quest for world domination. To make things more complicated, Gru alkso discovers that he has a long lost twin brother named Dru! Whaaaaat?!

10 lucky winners will score a copy of Despicable Me 3 on DVD!

To win, all you have to do is grab a copy of MANIA #205 and tell us the name of one character that appear on pages 30-31 by filling in the form below!



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Cars 3

Things aren’t looking good for Lightning McQueen! After losing his racing title to up-and-comer Jackson Storm, a new hi-tech racer, it looks like McQueen’s days as the Piston Cup champ might be finally over! With the help of his new trainer, Cruz Rameriz, Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he’s still the best there is!

To really get your engines revved up for Cars 3, we’re giving away an AWSM prize pack!

10 lucky winners will receive an Admit 4 In-Season Pass to Cars 3, a T-shirt (Kids), a sticker sheet, a lenticular notebook and a coffee mug!

To win, all you have to do is grab a copy of MANIA #202 and tell us the name of three characters that appear on pages 28-29 by filling in the form below!

Cars 3 is in theatres from 22nd June!

***This competition has closed***

1. Entry is open to residents of Australia except employees and immediate families of nextmedia and its agencies associated with the promotion.
2. Only entries completed with these terms and conditions will be eligible.
3. Entry is online only.
4. Competition begins 9th June 2017 and entries close 20th June 2017 AEDT.
5. The most creative answers as judged by the MANIA editorial team will win.
6. In determining eligibility the judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
6. The winners will be drawn 21st June 2017 at nextmedia Level 6, Building A, 207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065.
7. 10 winners will receive and Admit 4 In-Season Pass to Cars 3, a Kids T-shirt, a sticker sheet, a lenticular notebook and a coffee mug.
8. Prizes must be taken as offered and are not redeemable for cash.
9. The promoter is not responsible for misdirected or lost mail.
10. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
11. The promoter is nextmedia Pty Ltd ACN: 128 805 970, Level 6, Building A, 207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065.



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Check out the AWSM new Despicable Me 3 trailer! In this movie Gru meets his twin brother Dru (whaaat)! Together they’re going to steal a diamond from super-villain Balthazar Bratt. Does this mean Gru is going back to being a bad guy?! All we know is that we’ve got Minion MANIA!

Despicable Me 3 hits cinemas from June 15th!

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On The Road Again!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg Heffley is back in the wikkid new film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul!

When Greg discovers that his video-game idol will be appearing at a gamer convention, he convinces his family to take a road trip to attend his great grandmother’s 90th birthday!

Along with Greg’s best mate Rowley, the family hits the road for one cross-country adventure they won’t ever forget!

Get ready for embarrassing car sing-alongs, a pig that the Heffley’s win at a fair and hi-jinx when Greg’s scheme doesn’t go as planned!

Get ready to LOL when Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul hits Australian theatres June 22nd!

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The Secret Life Of Pets is one of our favourite movies of the year, and we can’t wait to grab a copy on DVD so we can watch it 24/7! If you’re like us and can’t get enough of it, then check out this AWSM interview with comedian Bobby Moynihan, the voice behind Mel the pug! You’d be barking mad to miss this!

iNEW YORK DAILY NEWS OUT - New York, NY - 6/25/16 - Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment Present The Premiere of "The Secret Life of Pets" - Pictured: Bobby Moynihan -Photo by: Dave Allocca/Starpix

MANIA: What was your first pet?
BOBBY: “I had a parakeet. But he didn’t last very long, unfortunately. I never had a dog or a cat, but I did have some fish. I had those for a very long time.”

MANIA: Do you have a pet now?
BOBBY: “Not right now.”

MANIA: Did you ever wonder what they did when you left the house?
BOBBY: “I did! I thought it was a Toy Story situation, where my pets would go hang out with other pets when I wasn’t around.”

MANIA: Do you have a dream pet?
BOBBY: “I would love to hang out with a monkey for a little while. Sloths are pretty cool too.”

MANIA: Are you a cat or a dog person?
BOBBY: “I think I’m more of a dog person. Cats are too full of anxiety and running around too much for me.”

MANIA: How did you land the role of Mel?
BOBBY: “The studio sent me a picture of Mel, and I saw his tiny little feet and though, ‘Man, I’d love to do this!’”

MANIA: What was it like playing Mel the pug? Did you do any method acting to get into the role?
BOBBY: “Yeah, I only drank out of a bowl for six months, haha! Mel’s such a fun energetic character, it was a blast coming up with that energy to play such a happy dog.”

MANIA: What does it take to live the “Pug life”?
BOBBY: “A lot of being pampered. A lot of waiting for people to come home so they can feed you. And a lot of running into walls!”

MANIA: What type of friend is Mel to Max?
BOBBY: “That friend you keep around who might be an idiot, but he’s fun and loveable. He might be the best person to have on your team, but he’ll always be there for you if you need him.”

MANIA: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
BOBBY: “Any animal that can fly, because I don’t have that ability… yet. A bird of some kind, or maybe a monkey so I can swing around.”


Catch all the doggone antics in The Secret Life of Pets – out now on DVD and Blu-Ray!


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We’re super excited to catch the AWSM new animated movie SING! when it hits theatres on Boxing Day! It looks so funny! There are heaps of really interesting different animals, and the soundtrack sounds amazing!

Not convinced? Check out our sweet Sing pullout in MANIA #196 (on sale right now! Seriously, don’t miss out!)

Sing! hits theatres December 26th, and like any good song we’re definitely gonna watch it again and again!


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