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In the November issue of MANIA, check out our huge Super Mario Odyssey play guide, find out who Ferdinand is and get the lowdown on Sonic's new game, Sonic Forces. As always the mag is stacked with prizes. Enter for the chance to win Sphero Star Wars droids and Ben Thomas Complete Signature scooters.



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Most people would agree that there are plenty of dogs out there that can catch balls. In fact, most of our doggy friends love nothing more than to pounce up and pluck balls out of the air with their slobbery jaws! But what if you found a dog that caught balls with its paws instead of its mouth? Now, wouldn’t that really be something! Watch this and be amazed MANIACS!

If you’ve got a picture of your dog, cat, turtle or whatever doing something amazing, email it to us at MANIA magazine Don’t forget to grab a copy of MANIA’s special mid-year issue with Optimus Prime on the cover for more crazy animal fun!

Found: Missing Dog

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For anyone who has ever had a pet run away or go missing, there may be hope for you! Shih Tzu Prince, from California in USA has found his way home after five years! Even more impressive is that since Prince went missing five years ago, his owner has moved four times, but this week came home and found Prince waiting for her on her doorstep. Amazing!

Woman adopts 1500 dogs and 200 cats!

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Think you’re a big animal lover? Betcha not as big of an animal lover as Ha Wenjin from China! Ha Wenjin has adopted 1500 dogs and 200 cats and given up her job to run an animal shelter to look after these furry creatures. She would definitely have her hands full looking after all these pets, but luckily she has ten volunteers to help her out. People have also donated food for the animals to help Ha Wenjin feed them all.

Recently the Chinese government forced Ha Wenjin and her furry animals to move because they wanted her land. Luckily she’s found a new home for herself and her furry family, and is away from other people so they won’t complain of the noise! Now all she has to do is figure out a way to move them all to their new home. Good luck!