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The Aquabats have been fighting crime and rocking out for just over 20 years now. That’s a lot of extraterrestrial monsters defeated and epic guitar solos! We were invited to board The Aquabats mobile headquarters, The Battle Tram, and chat with their fearless frontman, The MC Bat Commander!

Q: How did you form the Aquabats?
The MC Bat Commander: We were all pals and we all surfed together at a local beach. One day after a toxic chemical spill and a heavy rain, we were all surfing our favourite river mouth when we all started glowing. Some sharks tried to bite us but when they bit down on our legs they exploded! We all swam back to the beach and made a sand castle that looked like a giant rubbish bin. We realised that “this must mean something”, so we sold our mansions, bought musical instruments, made superhero costumes and bought a BattleTram. We’ve been the Aquabats ever since!

Q: Do you have any good luck rituals before you jump on stage, like wearing the same pair of underpants?
MC: Well, changing our underpants twice a day is a priority in the Aquabats. See, fighting monsters and playing rock n’ roll is a sweaty business and our underwear get pretty… well, you know… gross. So we try to change our underwear a lot. (Kids, if you have a favourite pair of underwear don’t wear it for more than 8 hours… it could save your life.)

We do have a good luck ritual before we jump on stage! Yes! We all get in a circle and put our hands in the middle then we give a cheer. Every show the cheer is different. Sometimes we say something like “GO BANANAS!” or “LET’S GET SWEATY!” or even something like “BREAD AND CLAMS GO GREAT WITH HAMS!” You get the idea. It’s different every time so we don’t get bored.

Q: What is the strongest monster you’ve faced?
MC: Space Monster “M” was a tough one. If you saw the episode “Showtime” he was a Giant White Head that attached himself to a huge robot body and then started to destroy Los Angeles. He was probably the hardest monster we’ve faced. Definitely the biggest “face” we’ve faced. His face was probably 3 or 4 stories high!! That’s a lot of face.

Anyway, we got luck that his robot body exploded but it sent us into space for a couple of years. We can’t remember much after that but we grew long hair and beards while we were gone! We looked super retro! Like 1800’s retro!

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of music and super-heroics?
MC: We like to have a laugh that’s for dang sure. Also, some of us really like to surf and have lots of surfboards. Ricky, Crash and the Commander surf together often. We like art and doing art! The Commander does art on his face! We also have normal human jobs as hobbies too. You know, just to be doing it. Crash is an electrician, Eagle Bones is a teacher, Jimmy the Robot runs a restaurant, Ricky Fitness is a super star barista and an Uber Driver, and the Bat Commander is an unemployed actor!

Q: What does it take to become an Aqua-Cadet?
MC: Well. We had a very organised fan club and a summer camp but things have gotten a little difficult since we came back from space. While we were gone some greedy housewives stole all the Aqua-Cadet money and made their own TV show called “The Greedy Housewives of Chubby Ville”

(Kids, don’t let your parents watch any show with the words “Housewives” in the title. It just may save their lives.)

Q: It’s been a few years since we’ve heard new Aquabats tunes. Any word on a new album?
MC: We have an album full of songs from the TV show: The Aquabats Super Show Season One Album. We would love to release it but our production partner on the Super Show is one of those greedy housewives and wants all the money, so it’s just sitting there waiting to come out.

We’ve been writing some new songs but they keep sounding like old ones. We’re gonna have to go surfing at the radioactive river mouth again or something.

(Kids, don’t go surfing at radioactive river mouths or ANY river mouths there could be sharks or CROCS! Stay at point breaks or beach breaks. It just may save your life.)

Q: You’re stuck on a deserted island and can only bring five things with you. What are they?
MC: Surfboard, a fishing pole, a sleeping bag, 100,000 water proof matches, a semi-truck full of fresh underwear.

Q: Top Five Must Listen To Aquabats Songs?
MC: 1) Pool Party! – Who doesn’t want to have a cool party in a cool pool?
2) Pizza Day – Who Doesn’t want to have a Pizza Party every day?
3) Fashion Zombies – Who doesn’t like zombies with a fashion sense?
4) Super Rad – Why wouldn’t you want to get super rad?
5) Shark Fighter – Kids this song just may save your life.

Q: Favourite cartoons?
MC: Rocky and BullWinkle, Magilla Gorilla, Deputy Dawg, Speed Racer, Johnny Quest, George of the jungle , Super Chicken, LUNO, Gigantor, GatchaMan, Mazinger Z, Grendizer, Star Blazers, THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN, RoboTech, Kimba the White Lion, GI JOE, SHAZAM! GUNDAM! BATMAN!
… That’s just a couple

Q: Favourite superheroes?
MC: The Aquabats! HA!


Q: Godzilla OR King Kong?

Q: Burgers OR pizza?

Q: Batman OR Spider-Man?
MC: Well… we respect both and hope they let us into their big money Hollywood parties.

Q: Surfing OR skating?
MC: We love skateboarding –with all of our pads on– but falling down on concrete hurts more these days so 

Q: Wearing your underpants under your pants OR outside your pants?
MC: If you wore “UNDER” pants on the outside then they wouldn’t be “under” pants any more would they? They would be OUTSIDE pants right? 
Let’s just keep our underpants UNDER our pants and not create a new genre of pants ok??

(Kids, wear your underpants UNDER your pants… it just may save your life.)

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